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World at War - By Dr. Mike Colson

World at War

Two guys jumped out of their cars at a local Wal-Mart and started swinging: A man drives by a government car on a busy highway holding a hand lettered sign that says, “F#*K You and the Govment”: A woman shoots and kills a lover outside a downtown apartment complex in an argument over a cigarette: A dog bites man, so man kills dog and all her puppies.

What we have here is a world at war…and I am not a pacifist.

I am not particularly good peacenik. Maybe I should pursue that more stridently but the truth is that I get a kick out of living on the razor’s edge. The medication works wonders. It calms me down even though I still enjoy a good rumble from time to time.

The world is at war…and it impacting people all around me.

Two guys fighting over a parking space at a discount retailer is down right stupid because the lot had plenty of spaces. This wasn’t a competition for resources…just a competition. Two guys who WANT the same thing, even though the thing isn’t worth having.

The man who flashed his sign at me while I was driving the G-car last week would have had better luck mooning me. I was in a good place that day and did not react at all. My little laugh infuriated him. But my “win” was short lived when it was obvious from his crappy old truck, worn look, and poor spelling (he spelled government wrong!), that he didn’t win very often if at all.

Now, shooting your lover over a cigarette is an extreme reaction. The cigs are going to kill one or both of you anyway. Why speed up the process? The facts of the matter will no doubt develop the couple’s poor relationship, abuse, drug and alcohol woes, and a plethora of social and mental challenges. Still, it is a cigarette for God’s sake.

On killing all the puppies…that is just wrong. A mother will protect her litter. She’ll even bite you. Children know this. How is it that a grown man cannot figure out the rules of engagement with one of man’s best friends?

How is it possible? We are a world at war.

This is where I should begin the “let’s all play it forward” lecture. I will not. But, it all has to stop. The bumper sticker that says; “We are killing our friends faster than we can make them”, has a point. The key to peace and recovery is being able to change a course that, for whatever reason, is not working. I learned that as a kid when I learned I culd not hit a curve ball. I switched sports!

God, that would have been a great day if the two burly guys at Wal-Mart had parked their cars in their respective spaces, met on the way into the store, and shook hands. Hell, maybe they’d become friends. My misspelled critic and I could have shared a beer. The deceased lover could have shared his cigarettes and been less an A-hole, thereby preserving a life. And, well, the dog guy…F#*K him.

Dr Mike!