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A Commentary on Spiritual Survival – By Dr. Mike Colson

“Experience is nothing more than the engine that drives adaptation, so it is always important to ask: Adaptation to what? You need to know if your particular experiences has produced the sort of adaptation that will contribute to survival in the particular environment you choose. And when the environment changes, you have to be aware that your own experiences might be inappropriate.” Lawrence Gonzales – “Deep Survival”

Point: Spirituality is one area that is influenced by myriad experiences. Many combat veterans adopt the “no good God” concept, which might even be considered a natural reaction to the horrors of war. Some seeking to survive these trauma(s) – or even be spared the banality of living a joyless and unhappy life – look to spirituality. Gonzales (above) believes that past experience retards our ability to see new perspectives. The changing environment we find ourselves in – aloneness, dissatisfaction with life, need to connect to others – might actually drive us further from spiritual awakening.

Solution: Leave the past behind. Leave old adaptive methods and seek to “survive” by seeing spirituality through a new (transformational) lens.

Suggested Ideas:

€ Look forward not back.
€ Find new ways (lenses) to understand spiritual principles
€ Live spirituality in a new ways

Method: In seeking a new grasp of a meaningful spirituality that will enlighten us, we should consider living – not in the fairways of our lives – but rather on the boundaries. In “Chaos”, James Gleick states that “strange things happen near the boundaries.” In spirituality, strange is a good thing.

Further Discussion Topics:

€ Chaos theory (“Butterfly Effect”)
€ Disorder as a means to spirituality
€ Feelings vs. beliefs
€ Predictable vs. Inexplicable